Scantact for Study Abroad Fairs

See how using Scantact will win exhibitors to your fair over the competitors, improve your conversion rate and help you make the right decisions.

Data - The Way You Need It

We understand that not only the exhibitors need data about the attendees, but so do the organisers. That's why we've designed Scantact in a way where organisers have everything they need to achieve the best ROI from their events.

Know Who Talked to Who

After the event know which attendees talked to which exhibitors, so that you can reach out with a relevant message straight away.

Improve Conversions

Reach out to your potential customers straight after the event. No need to clean the data. Simply export and contact-away.

Live Data

See the performance of the event at your fingertips and make decisions on the spot.

Lead Retrieval

Exhibitors usually don't like their university entry-forms. Free them of their burden with a simple one-click-scan to get the contact details.

Works Offline

Scantact lead retrieval solution works offline. No need to rely on those hotel and conference centre wifis.


Your exhibitors don't need bulky scanners to capture the leads. Provide them with a simple app to do just one thing - scan.

One-Click Export

Your exhibitors don't have to wait for you to give them their leads. They can get the list of the leads straight to their inbox from the app.

Other Benefits

Not convinced yet? Here a couple of other features that you'll get straight out of the box.


Do you hold your event in Chinese? No problem. Scantact is designed to work with every language there is.

Hardware-Free & Paperless

Don't want badge printers? Sure. We've created our paperless where you can use the lead retrieval features and run the event completely without printed material.

Custom Branding

Don't want generic Scantact branding? No worries, all our events come with the ability to configure sign-up forms according to your brand.

Out of This World Support

Every event we'll be there with you. Helping you set-up, during the event and after it. We've done this before, we know what you're going through.

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